vivo v-Toy Limited Edition Giveaway


vivo v-Toy Limited Edition Giveaway

A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the IPRO Sense Gii Plus Giveaway : Mei Yi ( )

This week we are giving away a vivo v-Toy Limited Edition, sponsor by vivo Malaysia.

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vivo v-Toy Limited Edition Giveaway

Terms & Conditions

    • This contest is open for Malaysian citizen only.


  • All prize(s) must be collected within one week from date of announcement. Failing to do so, all prizes shall be processed in accordance with our procedures. Mdroid do not carry the responsibility to notify winners about the prize(s) collection time. Prize(s) winner hold the responsbility to be aware of it.



  • Mdroid will deliver the prize(s) through mail or courier services to the winners. Mdroid do not hold the liability for any security and delivery effectiveness issue. Mdroid do not hold the liability for any lost or missing delivery of the prize(s).



  • In the event where the winner give up the prize(s), any and all of his/her rights shall be dispossessed by Mdroid.



  • Under unexpected circumstances where the prize(s) is not available, Mdroid has the right to substitute the prize(s) with another equivalent value item(s).



  • If a participant has intention or has violated the rules of the contest, Mdroid has absolute rights to disqualify the participant. Further complaints shall not be entertained. Any unexpected circumstances, Mdroid reserves the right to cancel, change, freeze or delay the related contest.



  • The processing time for the handover of the prize(s) will be 10 working days from the date when the winner list is announced. Some contests  may feature special restrictions or eligibility requirements. The rules and regulations are subject to change or to be added by Mdroid without prior notice.