[Update 1.0] OPPO N3 is believed to have metal body build!

Is it the OPPO N3? Recently OPPO Malaysia has posted up a teaser photo, showing off the profile of its new smartphone.

From the photo, we could assume that the new smartphone is probably coming with the metallic frame and the shiny chamfer edge, in the unibody that made of tempered steel. It also teases that the smartphone will comes with black and white color options perhaps, and it is light and rigid!

[Update 1.0]

Once again, OPPO now unveils the material of the metallic frame through its Facebook page. There are 2 different colors and materials option for the metallic frame here : Stainless steel – gives more silver and shiny color and Aluminum Lithium Alloy – gives more darker and shiny color.
Both materials are believed to be tough because both are being used in the aircraft. So, we expect that this will be having such good durability to sustain the drop and impact.

Probably we will see it soon in the coming October, as reported earlier.

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