TMall took 3minutes to hit 10Billion Yuan Sale during Double 11

TMall took 3minutes to hit 10Billion Yuan Sale during Double 11

What can you do in 3 minutes? Finishing a coffee? Taking a selfie? TMall can do wonder in 3 minutes and 01 seconds.

During November 11 2017, which is a Global Carnival called Double 11, a heavenly date for shopper to obtain best deal. TMall now with new record breaking during the Global Carnival, archiving 10Billion Yuan Sale across the online shopping platform with only 3 minutes and 01 seconds. Compare to the last year statistic, which it took 6minutes and 58second, this year by hitting the same volume, it is faster by at least 2times.

Alibaba Group organized the 2017 Tmall “Double 11” Carnival Night at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in Shanghai. In addition, according to Alibaba Group’s “Tianzhu Travel” data, Malaysia has successfully entered the top five destinations of Mainland China’s favorite overseas destinations.

According to the speech given by CTA’s Executive Vice President Cai Chongxin at the welcome reception of Tmall “Double 11” Carnival Night International Media, this is the grand occasion of the Chinese economy. It is also the largest shopping festival in the world and has surpassed the total revenue generated during Black Friday and Cyberweek.

Alibaba was founded in 1999, China’s per capita GDP was 870 U.S. dollars and now exceeds 8,000 U.S. dollars, equivalent to 10-fold growth over the past 18 years.

“If you are a Chinese resident, young people say that their life are better than their parents’ life and their lifestyle will be getting better.” he added.