Mijia announces three new products: Air Purifier 2s, Razor and Cradle Head Camera

Mijia announces three new products: Air Purifier 2s, Razor and Cradle Head Camera

Mijia today announced the Double 11 promotion, while in the meantime also introduced a few new products that include Mijia air purifier 2s, Mijia razors, and cradle head camera for 9Plus self balancing scooter.

The new air purifier 2S is an upgraded version of the mi air purifier 2. The product retains 310m? / h’s CADR value, which officially claims to be used in 21 square meters of space, can purify the air in just 10 minutes. It has added a black OLED display for real-time display of PM2.5, and USES a laser particulate matter sensor to accurately reflect indoor particulate data in real time. This is a feature inherited from Mijia air purifier Pro. Compared with the infrared sensors in the air purifier 2, the detection accuracy has been greatly improved, with the addition of PM2.5 readings to the fine particulate matter of 0.3 micrometers.

The OLED display can also display indoor temperature and humidity information, and the LED lights below the display screen will reflect the current indoor pollution status through green, orange and red colors. Like the Pro version, the top of the 2S has also added light sensor, which automatically adjusts the display brightness of the OLED screen according to ambient light.

The new products opened more holes at the four edges of the bottom and increase the air inlet area. The 2S also remove the metal parts inside the fuselage, and the weight of the whole machine is further reduced. The filter core weighs 4.5kg.

The air purifier 2s uses the same filter as the previous models, and increase the identification feature with the same RFID filter as seen on the Pro version, to determine the use of time, where a user needless to reset when he change the filter. Usually the filter cartridge can last 3~6 months.

The Mijia air purifier 2S is priced at 899 yuan, and it will be available for purchase on November 11 at 12am at xiaomi store, Tmall xiaomi flagship store, jingdong, suning, and etc.

Electric razor is the latest product of Mijia that looks ultra thin and portable just like the size of a credit card. It is suitable to bring outdoors, appointment, business trip, etc., anytime, anywhere.

With a body depth of 13.2 mm, it uses knife from Japan with over 60 HRC hardness, and there’s a built-in battery that can charge up via USB Type – C. Every time you shave with it for 3 minutes can sustain up to 30 days consecutively. It is priced at 179 yuan, and will be sold on November 11 at 12am.

The Ninebot 9Plus balance scooter is one of the star product of Mijia. Today, Mijia launched an accessory for the scooter called cradle head camera with SonyExmor R sensor. It features 16MP pixels, 104° wide Angle, support 1080p HD video recording, also can record slow motion video in 240 FPS, as well as 240fps 0.1s -5s rate of time-lapse photography. Once attached it to the balance scooter you can start shooting immediately. The product is equipped with three-axis brushless motor, and the official claims that video on bumpy road can maintain stable.

This product can shoot consecutively for 5 hours, it will go official on 11.11 at 12am with a retail price of 1499 yuan.