Maxis Zerolution program for iPhone has ended !

Maxis Zerolution program for iPhone has ended !

If you are looking forward to subscribe the Maxis Zerolution plan to get a new iPhone, perhaps you should go for another alternative instead because source reported that Maxis has officially ended its Zerolution package for iPhone devices.

However, if you’re current subscriber for the Zerolution plan, you can still upgrade to a new iPhone after you completed the 12 month instalments with the package.


On the other hand, for those who are still insist to get the iPhone with Maxis, you can still proceed to signup the regular MaxisONE plan for it.

The iPhone X preorder in Malaysia will be initiated this Friday on November 17, perhaps Maxis will come up with an even better package exclusively for iPhone models. We will keep you posted on the updates for the iPhone X once it goes official in Malaysia later this month !

Source: SoyaCincau