Lenovo going to shutdown ZUK smartphone department!

Lenovo going to shutdown ZUK smartphone department!

ZUK Mobile founded on May 28 2015, and had released a series of great products that loved by many of us. Unfortunately, Lenovo seem to be shutdown ZUK Mobile soon.

The news came from weibo user @Old Cool who announced that there will be no ZUK Z3. Nearly half an hour later, an analyst had response to that tweet, confirmed that Lenovo will shutdown the ZUK hardware business.

Another Weibo post by @Zheng Jun reveals the new management at Lenovo following the merger of the mobile brands. ZUK co-founder, Chen Xudong will return to Lenovo’s PC business arm; Qiao Jian will be the new head of Lenovo Mobile China; and Kirk B. Skaugen will remain head of Lenovo’s data center operations.

However, Lenove has not make any official public statement regarding this issue. Stay tuned for more update!