Honor 8 Pro: Once Again, Honor 8 Pro has win people hearth with its strength

Honor 8 Pro: Once Again, Honor 8 Pro has win people hearth with its strength

It has been 3 months since Honor 8 Pro was released, but the heat in the country still hasn’t diminished, but rose sharply! So today, we would like to discuss with you why this phone can achieved such great sales, even though there are so many competitors out there.

Over the past two years, honor devices have been selling red-hot in the Malaysian market. We can always see Honor smartphone literally everywhere you go, from Mamak stall to Shopping Mall. Anyway, honor 6 plus was the first dual-camera smartphone in Malaysia, creating a boom in Malaysia’s dual camera smartphone market. Then, the first to join 15-layer glass technology, the flagship of technology aesthetics honor 8. However, the recent honor 6x also reduced its prices to just below RM1000 mark, no doubt this is one of the most affordable dual-camera smartphone now! Honor 8 pro will become one of the first choice to youngster nowadays.

Powerful Specifications, Affordable Price

So, since honor 8 pro is targeting young people’s market, what kind of solution needs to come up? That’s right! Affordable price tag for you to get a flagship level device! Honor 8 Pro is priced at RM1,999 in Malaysia. With the price less than RM2,000, you get the customised Huawei’s own developed Kirin 960 octa-core processor. To describe Kirin 960 in short, it’s like a powerful tank with the agility of a sport car.

Paired with massive 6GB RAM, it’s not only faster, but buttery smooth. The 6GB RAM ensure that the background can run more apps, and occupy a very large multi-tasking advantage.

In addition, 64GB of ROM is enough for you to install a lot of social apps, photos, games and even HD movies!

Recommended by world famous mobile game, Mobile Legend and FFA

To become the recommended smartphone of world famous MOBA game, honor 8 Pro had equipped a very powerful gaming capability.

Honor 8 pro had included Vulkan API to further improve the gaming performance dramatically. Along with the massive 6GB RAM, the honor 8 pro able to run the game with tip top performance without experience any lag and glitches.

Not to mention that honor 8 Pro had become Malaysia Mobile Legends Champion team first choice to ace every game!

Besides Mobile Legend, 8 Pro has been recommended by another giant IP, Final Fantasy Awakening.

Slim body coupled with stunning design

honor 8 pro comes with a 5.7″ 2k ultra-high resolution screen. The ppi level had exceed the retina display level of 326ppi, and rocketed to 515ppi. This make the screen looks very lovable and stunning all the time.

To cope with the large size design, honor had come out with solution of symmetrical body design. This allow the phone to have a larger display without sacrificing the good feeling of holding in hand.

Along with the cooling space materials, honor 8 pro will not be heated up easily during gaming or handling heavy tasks like most of the smartphone in the market currently.

Besides that, honor 8 pro had come out with a new blue colour. The new stunning colour has become a nice touch-up for it. Coupled with 4,000mAh big battery, this smartphone allows you to play your phone as long as you like!

Dual-Shot is getting stronger and stronger

Honor has become the pioneer in Dual-shot camera setup in the world. The further enhanced the capability of dual-shot, honor 8 pro has configurate a classic monochrome+colour 12MP rear camera setup while the front camera come with a 8MP high resolution camera.

After several years of dual-shot technology development. This feature has become more and more mature, and easier to use. No matter in terms of white balance, fineness and details, etc. it has shown a stunning flagship performance.


In short, in the era of serious inflation and ringgit depreciation, the appearance of honor 8 pro has become the saviour of all youngsters out there. With the price of RM1,999, it provides a series of flagship level specification coupled with the best using experience configured by honor experts.

Honor 8 pro is now available in major honor partners and the honor official website, vmall. To know more, please check it out on vmall website and honor Facebook page.