Google Malaysia shared how Malaysians choose their Telco plans

Google Malaysia shared how Malaysians choose their Telco plans

Google and Kantar TNS recently conducted a study to find out how Malaysian consumers choose their mobile plans.

Most Malaysians do not know what telco are offering. The research found that consumers generally find the process of buying mobile plans confusing. This strongly impacts how they consider a telco plan.

Due to their limited knowledge of the various telco plans on offer, Malaysians often rely on research to make purchase decisions. 9 in 10 consumers would conduct their research for information on the go using their mobile devices.

Based on the study, 37% of consumers said they do not have prior knowledge of the telco plans. 41% of them are somewhat informed enough to be able to research an average of three brands. Only 22% felt they were sufficiently informed. With 86% of Malaysian consumers signed up their telco plans offline after doing online research through mobile searches. This is important in helping them come to a decision before reaching physical stores. The research process is the strongest chance to influence consumers’ decisions.

Telco’s website and social media channel act as a gateway. It is important for them to reach potential customers through the right channels. Besides, online videos are also effective. Consumers turn to videos when seeking product reviews, and most of them believe that online videos add credibility to the telco’s brand and product.

Malaysian consumers place top priority in affordability and plan upgrades. They also consider other aspects likes product quality and performance.