Docking Gadget Patent: Apple would turn iPhone and iPad into a complete computer?

Docking Gadget Patent: Apple would turn iPhone and iPad into a complete computer?

Interestingly, Apple has an idea to transform your iPhone or iPad into a new type of MacBook that is possibly Apple’s smartest, and dumbest, computer ever.

The US Patent office has approved an Apple patent to use the smarts in the iPhone or iPad in a “dumb” MacBook dock, after the news of Samsung’s smartphone dock broke.

Comparatively, the Samsung dock, which only adds ports to a Samsung smartphone but no extra keyboard, the Apple idea for the iPhone and iPad is a more complete computing solution.

This latest patent by Apple was lodged about the time Apple launched the iPhone 7 last year.

Apple has been accredited a patent for the “Electronic Accessory Device” that would match an iPhone into the keyboard of a MacBook-style dock, so that the iPhone screen becomes the trackpad. While in another version, the iPad becomes the MacBook-style dock’s screen — which would still feature a touchscreen.

With the patent description of the MacBook shell as not having a processor, users may be relying on the computer power of the iOS to drive the performance. Thus in that way, the device would not be dissimilar to current iPad docks like the Clamcase that adds an aluminium shell and keyboard.

With the Apple patent, the dock would offer more.

“The accessory device, however, can provide auxiliary processing resources, such a graphical processing unit, or GPU, or other processing resources that can support the functions of the portable computing device,” the patent says.

Certainly, the dock could jack up the graphics capability, or expand some needed battery power, and even include a USB-C port, which would be something of a game changer for the iPhone.

Apple is not the first company that has come out with the idea of utilising the smartphone as the brains of a computer-style dock.

And of course, it does not mean that the idea will become a product just because Apple has a patent.

Still, Apple could be working on something if you like the idea of travelling with a really light laptop.