Apple iPhone X Face ID get fooled by 10-year old kid

Apple iPhone X Face ID get fooled by 10-year old kid

We love new technology. Apple iPhone X represents the company’s 10 anniversary Flagship device with new leading feature especially Face ID. But the below content will once proved Apple iPhone X Face ID is immature.

This is a video made by an Apple iPhone X owner shows her tenth anniversary model getting unlocked by…her 10-year old son!

After the video has been uploaded and went viral around the globe, alot of users has lost confidence on this feature. Apple has said that kids under 13 have a better chance of fooling Face ID “because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed.

This video is the first time we’ve heard of it being a problem the other way around, where a child has been able to unlock a parent’s phone. If you have any young children and are thinking of buying the iPhone X, this may be a concern if they find your device without you around.

So as conclusion, Apple iPhone X is not for your kids, keep it away from them.