2016 Telco Postpaid Plan Comparison


2016 Telco Postpaid Plan Comparison

These 2 weeks has been the week for telco. After the incident of Maxis, the Telco’s competitors have launch or upgrade their postpaid plan in order to compete and grab the market share.

So, today we like to summarize some of the hottest postpaid plan in the town to ease our reader to make their decision easier.

In this comparison, we have chose Digi, Maxis, Celcom and Umobile as our comparison target. This is because they are the largest Telcos in Malaysia and their coverage are fair enough for most of Malaysian.

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Free calls

If you are a heavy voice-call user, all of these plan is suitable for you as all of these plan are offering UNLIMITED call. But among all these plans, Umobile Hero P70 is the best choice because it comes with unlimited call time but also the cheapest postpaid plan among the four.


Free SMS

The only plan that offer free SMS are MaxisOne Plan 128 and Celcom First Gold. Both plans are offering unlimited SMS to their subscribers. For Umbile Hero P70, its offer the rate of SMS for RM0.03 for Umobile and RM0.08 for other Telcos. While Digi Postpaid 80 offer a flat rate of RM0.10 for all the users including Digi user itself.

Nowadays, we are seeing far less people using text messages, but relying more on data for instant messaging instead. But this still puts MaxisOne Plan 128 and Celcom First Gold as the best value for traditional calls, and ample SMS texting when necessary.


Free data

Maxis and Celcom provide 4G LTE in most major Malaysian cities, and Digi and U Mobile have also expanded their coverage as well recently. However, Celcom’s 4G coverage is the best overall, which highlights who the First is targeted at: the heavy data user, with 5GB+5GB fast data for RM80 with data carry forward for 5GB in total.

MaxisOne 128 is also a viable option but with extra RM48, with 10GB all-day data. With the Digi Postpaid 80, you would also receive 10GB of fast data with the option of 2GB data carry forward. While Umobile Hero P70 offers a total of 15GB of fast data which is the cheapest and most generous postpaid plan in Malaysia so far.

If you are a heavy data user, you should go for the Umobile Hero P70, as it has the best value with a whopping 15GB quota for just RM70, though with slower 3G internet speed and less 4G coverage as compared to the others.



If you are looking for the best all-around plan, the Celcom First Gold is the best choice for you, as you get the best value for your calls and SMS, while getting a good allotment of 5GB+5GB 4G data that you can take everywhere.

But for heavier data user, perhaps the Umobile Hero P70 is recommended, as it not only provides UNLIMITED call time but also 15GB of data. Digi Postpaid 80 also worth to be considered with plenty data bundled with a handful of calls and acceptable SMS rate. Last but not least, although MaxisOne Plan 128 is the most expensive among these plan, but as consider their services and coverage, the monthly fee of RM128 is still considerable.