Youtube: No 10,000 views, No ads

Youtube: No 10,000 views, No ads

The YouTube’s Partner Program had began five years ago, everyone can start to earn money immediately by sign up for the service and upload the video. This model helps YouTube become the most popular and fastest growing video sharing site in the world.

However, Youtube also led some problem such as they are facing a backlash from advertising clients because the ads were displayed on the video which contains objectionable and racist content.

Google’s massive video site announced that only the channel which hits 10,000 lifetime views can activate advertising on channels. That means if the Youtube channel cannot reach more than 10,000 total views, Youtube will not allow the ads to run on the channels’ video.

Besides, Youtube is going to add a review process to confirm the channel is following the site’s community guidelines and advertiser policies. If everything goes well, Youtube will bring this channel into YPP and begin serving ads against their content.