Youtube New updates with new chat built-in messaging feature

Youtube New updates with new chat built-in messaging feature

With the new chat feature adding into the latest Youtube updates, user can now can chat & share videos without leaving the app.

YouTube launched a new feature within its family of mobile applications, allowing users to share videos in a chat-like interface with friends.

The video below explains how it works:

Along with this, users can also add their friends and family by sending an invite to them through a link. Copy and paste is no more required to share videos, one can directly send it to a friend’s chat or profile.

The messaging app had recently enabled the feature that allows the user to directly play YouTube videos on the app. Now with the new sharing feature, Youtube’s user can privately chat within the app. The video sharing feature can be discovered inside the YouTube application sharing button.

In trying to change how people share the videos they find, Google has undertaken a fierce challenge. However the disadvantage is that it is only available through the YouTube mobile app (for now, at least).