You can buy Samsung Galaxy S8 now from as low as RM2,500!

You can buy Samsung Galaxy S8 now from as low as RM2,500!

Mixture of different feeling for our reader regardless if you are the Samsung Galaxy S8 owner or you going to be a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s official announcement is happening soon. While waiting for the new Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be purchased via online source from RM2,500.

For the first batch owner of Galaxy S8, it is such a heartache to see the price reduced by at least a 24% compared to the initial price which is RM3299.00. Well if you have not got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S8, now is probably a good time to get yourself one !

You can now get the Samsung Galaxy S8 from only RM2,598 at Lazada.

Hold on a moment, Qoo10 is currently has coupon codes for tech gadgets for up to RM500 off. This mean you will be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S8 from RM2,500 after the RM500 off from the listing price of RM3,000. You need to put in a little effort as the code offered by Qoo10 can only be used on the Qoo10 app.


The price slash is foreseeable due to the fact that the Galaxy Note 8 will be announced soon. As we have said earlier, at the price ranging from RM2,500 to RM2,589, Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely a good buy !