Yes joins Telcos War: Introducing all-new 4G LTE data plan that features 24GB data at RM70/month!

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Yes joins Telcos War: Introducing all-new 4G LTE data plan that features 24GB data at RM70/month!

Yes 4G, the famous WiMax network service provider has officially launched their own “LTE” service today. This is an official introduction of this commercial mobile data plan to the local market after it was briefly showcased during the Galaxy J 2016 launch earlier.

Yes 4G network offers real “LTE” experience with the download and upload speed are two times faster compared to other networks.

During the event, Yes revealed that their network now support 85 percent nationwide population coverage across Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.

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This new Yes 4G LTE Postpaid plan is available from a monthly fee of RM48 that offers 10GB of combined data (6GB of 4G LTE and 4GB of broadband).

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With the company’s new “Double Data” promotion, they are currently offering a value Yes Altitude smartphone bundled package called Yes 4G LTE Hero Plan that comes with 24GB of monthly data (16GB of 4G LTE data + 8 GB of 4G Broadband data) with a monthly fee of just RM70.

Additionally, for RM88 per month users can get 24GB of internet data in total with a combination of 16GB of 4G LTE data and 8GB of 4G Broadband that runs on WiMAX.

Besides the above mentioned postpaid plans, Yes also features Postpaid 128, which provides 38GB of data (24GB 4G LTE+14GB broadband); and the Postpaid 158, which bundles an enormous data package of 48GB internet quota (32GB 4G LTE+14GB broadband).

It is worth to be noted that the above mentioned Yes postpaid plans also bundled with unlimited calls and SMS within the Yes network.

On top of that, existing Yes 4G broadband users will receive additional 4G LTE data up to 8GB for free. Yes 4G broadband users can just drop by your nearby Yes store to redeem your SIM card. There will also going to be a Yes mobile app coming up soon for users to manage their accounts more easily.

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If you prefer prepaid packages, Yes also provides seven prepaid data plans to suit your preferences.

Yes 4G LTE prepaid plans are as below:

  • Daily pack (1GB of data for RM5/day)
  • Weekly pack (1GB of data for RM10/week)
  • Weekly pack (2GB of data for RM15/week)
  • Monthly pack (RM30/month for 4GB of data)
  • Monthly pack (RM48/month for 6GB of data)
  • Monthly pack (RM68/month for 10GB of data)
  • Monthly pack (RM88/month for 14GB of data)

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The Yes prepaid starter pack costs just RM10 and you get 500MB of 4G LTE data and 8GB of broadband internet bundled inside. Call rates for the prepaid plan are 9 sen per minute while SMSes are also charged at 9 sen per SMS.

In our opinion, Yes is very ambitious in putting up a real challenge against the local telco giants such as Celcom, Maxis and Digi etc. Their current plans are very attractive with loads of internet data which will certainly catch the attention of heavy mobile internet users.

Furthermore, the new Yes 4G LTE postpaid and prepaid plans are more value for money than its competition which offer more data compared to its competitors in different price group.

With its 85 percent nationwide population coverage and capability of maintaining consistency on its network performance, we strongly believed Yes will become one of the major telecommunication companies in Malaysia !

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