Review : Xiaomi Mi 4i – an affordable flagship that showcases Xiaomi’s potential


Introduction – Xiaomi Mi 4i review

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing Chinese brand in mobile industry. It is popular among people due to its products that are known to be affordable (low in price) yet good (much better compared to those at same price range) in specification. The Xiaomi’s latest addition to the mid-range smartphone market is the Xiaomi Mi 4i which can be considered as ‘affordable’ version of its flagship Mi 4. Currently, Xiaomi Malaysia is offering this Mi 4i at the price of RM 749 (GST inclusive) in Malaysia. This Mi 4i wins your attention with its price and specification or no? And you now are wondering whether if it worth your money or no? Let’s us check out this Xiaomi Mi 4i review.

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At the first time looking at the Xiao Mi 4i, you feel it is actually quite good! It does not have any tradition design language from Xiaomi. ‘The best design is no design at all.’ It is just looking good and comfortable with its display and its small bezel. I could say that Mi 4i’s design is kinda low profile, unlike the real flagship of Xiaomi, Mi 4.

Alright, before you touch Mi 4i, you might have a mindset that its build quality is not good and like ‘Made In China’. But, this is what I can assure you that Mi 4i’s build quality is really good compared to the Xiaomi’s last generation product like Mi 3, Redmi, and Redmi Note. The finishing of body is completely well done. The buttons are fitting good on the body (no loose) and the feedback of pressing the button is sturdy enough. At overall, the build quality is really improved! These are what I can see from this Xiaomi Mi 4i.

Okay. Let’s go for more detail.


Display with about 71.7% screen-to-body ratio and a very thin bezel on the front screen of Mi 4i.


Plastic back with matte finishing gives comfortable touch just like touch feeling of baby skin.


At the bottom, there is MicroUSB and microphone.


At the left side, there is only SIM card slot.


At the right side, there is power button and volume rocker. Buttons are well build and its clicking feedback is good.


At the top side, there is audio jack. A front camera and an earphone are placed at the most upper part of front screen.


A rear camera with dual tone LED flash is placed at the most upper part of the back.


At the back, the speaker is placed at the lower part of it.

IMG_20150702_115842 IMG_20150702_120223

Mi 4i thin profile has only 7.8mm thickness. Feeling good on hand.


Design gallery

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