Xiaomi launches smart rear-view camera to make your car smarter


Xiaomi launches smart rear-view camera to make your car smarter

Xiaomi has once again amaze us by launching their first ever smart rear-view camera for our car! The smart rearview mirror offers a flagship voice interaction support, and also comes with features that keep the driver attentive at all times.


It helps the driver to watch the road and with the help of built-in sensors and cameras, emits a warning signal when the latter leaves the band, or is too close to the car front or rear.

In addition, the new gadget acts as a DVR and records video in the resolution of Full HD (at 30 frames per second). And thanks to the built-in camera lens, smart mirror covers a wide shooting angle.



The Xiaomi smart rearview mirror comes with an 8.88-inch display which is a reflective mirror with sensors and has a resolution of 1920 x 480 pixels.

There is also GPS navigation service available, WiFi support, OV 1/2.9 high-performance image sensor, support for high-definition 1080p / 30FPS video recording, 160° wide angle, 6G lens, a download speed of up to 100Mbps and 300Mbps, as well as 4G Netcom support.


The Xiaomi Smart rear-view camera is available on Mi home and comes with a price tag of just CNY999 (roughly RM646).