Xiaomi is back in global top 5 position

Xiaomi is back in global top 5 position

The top global smartphone shipment position has undergo a little reshuffle this year, Xiaomi is back to the top 5 by displacing Vivo out of the rank.

No surprise, the first and second is on Samsung and Apple hand, having a 79.5 million units shipped while Apple maintains its second spot with a shipment of 41.0 million iPhones. Huawei maintained on the third place with 38.4 million shipments, marking a 20% increase and 10.7% market share. Oppo has grown by 64%, shipping 29.5 million units with a global market share of 8.2%.

Xiaomi comeback to the top 5 by having a massive 50% increase in shipments compared to last year, 23.2 million beating Vivo. Most of the sales are contributed by the Redmi series in India.

Eye on Malaysia, Xiaomi marketing strategy come to a change. They now rely on Lazada Official Store and distributor through offline channel in order to gain more sale from physical store. By bringing new models faster than before such as the latest Mi 6 and Mi Max 2. All these changes in global strategy allow Xiaomi successfully made their comeback to the top 5.