WWDC 2017: iOS 11, redesigned control center and smarter than before

WWDC 2017: iOS 11, redesigned control center and smarter than before

Apple had held their annual WWDC 2017 this morning. Along with the new upgrade on iMac and MacBook production line, Apple also announced the upcoming iOS 11 that includes a lot of exciting features.

There are some new features such as Apple P2P payment integrated in iMessage which allows you request or pay money to your friend which is quite similar to the payment function introduced by Facebook early this year. Besides, the new redesigned Apple App Store has a cleaner and more organised tab like “Games”, “Apple” and “Today”.

Siri is also getting an update with a slightly modified voice, a man voice in this case. in iOS 11, the Siri is now smarter as it now support machine learning API. The AI assistant can also now do live translations based on speech. The list of languages is rather limited at the moment, but Apple is planning to expand the list.

Some smaller improvements and tweaks shown include a redesigned camera app that allows for better image compression. A new redesigned Control Center is being implemented which allows user to access more setting using 3D Touch.

Lastly, a new safety feature named ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ blocks notifications while in a car. It literally blanks out the display and displays a reminder in the event someone tries to check messages; it can auto respond with “I’m driving” messages.