The world’s first smart helmet JARVISH JR / J5

The world’s first smart helmet JARVISH JR / J5

A new Taiwanese smart helmet maker, JARVISH, introduced the first and most intelligent helmet in the market. The smart helmet packs Bluetooth, WiFi, voice assistant, walkie-talkie and a built-in driving recorder which records at 1080p full HD resolution and up to 5 minutes for a cycle of video.

When paired to your phone, the J-SENSOR automatically activates the functions of the smart helmet and starts recording. It supports micro SD memory card recording and real time live recording via Facebook Live (using Wi-Fi connection on the phone).

JARVISH J5 uses ABS in it’s make while the high-end version, JARVISH JR, is made of fiber glass. The intelligent taillights at the back of the helmet automatically lights up as if it’s breathing when you brake. Both JARVISH J5 and JR can be paired to your phone via Bluetooth and uses a built-in microphone which supports “Siri” and “Ok Google” voice assistant to answer and make phone calls. You can get the latest weather broadcast and speed camera warning through JARVISH’s voice assistant. When playing music, JARVISH’s voice assistant can be used to control the volume and switch tracks. JARVISH JR has the extra ability to share music in real time.

In addition, JARVISH provides communication and data exchange between it’s community of riders. JARVISH JR is priced at CNY17,999 (~RM11,198)and the J5 is priced at CNY13,999 (~RM8,709).

Source: Techbang