World Best Smartphone Brand Seller : 6 of the Top 10 By Chinese Vendor

World Best Smartphone Brand Seller : 6 of the Top 10 By Chinese Vendor

It had been phenomenal that Chinese smartphone is well-known for producing numbers of quality device. How actually is the performance from China vendors?

Lets move to today’s topic. According to the international research firm IC Insights, a statistic had been released regarding to the “2016 global Top 14 mobile phone manufacturers shipments report“. Please refer to the below statistic for your perusal.

Unsurprisingly, the TOP 2 of the statistics leaded by the pioneer Samsung & Apple. Huawei recently has been doing very well in this section and seating at Third while followed by fellow Chinese Companies that includes OPPO, Vivo, Zte.

LG managed to squeeze into 7 of the table and we could see the followers behind LG are Lenovo, Xiaomi, TCL, gionee, Meizu, LeEco/Coolpad which 7 of them were from China.

Asus is currently sitting at the 14th spot representing the only Taiwanese company (which is rather shocking to us as we couldn’t locate HTC or Sony from the table).

From the statistic, primary growth rate of 2016 over 2015, the Chinese company had been doing tremendously well especially OPPO and Vivo with incredible increased rate of 88% and 89%.

As a smartphone user yourself, if you happened to be using a smartphone made by China manufacturer, will you take the initiative to introduce them to your friends and family too?