Windows 10 S, the Windows RT2.0?

Windows 10 S, the Windows RT2.0?

Recently, Microsoft has released a new operating system Windows 10 S, while the S represents Streamline or School. It is design for education and to take on Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Windows 10S can offer a smooth and fast performance in lower end devices. Microsoft stated that Windows 10 S can boot up in around 15 seconds, which is faster than Windows 10 Pro’s 30 seconds–the system.

Yes, you can use other apps, but all apps running on Windows 10S is needed to be downloaded from the Windows Store. If you want to use the desktop apps, you are needed to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for USD49.

Besides, users can get free subscriptions to Minecraft: Education Edition and free Office 365 productivity software. The Windows 10 S users are unable to change their default browser and the Microsoft Edge only work with its Bing search engine.

Schools’ PC which is running Windows 10 Pro can update to Windows 10S for free. It is able to set up machines via a USB drive with preconfigured options. The system will simply detect the key and customize all settings ready for a school.

The PC which running on Windows 10 S will be coming this summer, at a starting price of USD189.


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