Wiko receives Google Android Award in recognition of their collaboration

Wiko receives Google Android Award in recognition of their collaboration

Google has just handed Wiko an award, in recognition of the fruitful collaboration between both companies.

Wiko and Google share common missions and values. Both companies place the consumer at the heart of their considerations and work together to make smartphones accessible to the masses.

The brand Wiko was created in 2011, in Marseille, in the South of France.

Today, Wiko operates in more than 30 countries around the world.

Wiko is currently the second most sold smartphone brand in France and is positioned in the TOP 5 in Western Europe.

This European success also extends to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In 2017, the brand is launching several new releases such as WIM and WIM Lite (smartphones centred around an outstanding photo and video experience), as well as the Upulse range (the new generation of the U series).

All together, these smartphones benefit from the Android Nougat operating system.

In 2007, Android was launched, a free and open-source operating system.

Smartphones back then were indeed an expensive rarity.

Manufacturers had to offset the expenses of an operating system or shoulder the development costs of their own operating system.

In other words, smartphones were not within everyone’s reach.

Google wanted to change that status quo by stimulating innovation and increasing consumer choice— and it worked! Android provided the solution to manufacturers, as they no longer had to buy or build expensive mobile operating systems.

As a result, smartphones have become much more accessible to many more people.

Today, more than 24,000 devices from over 1,300 brands run on Android3 , including in Europe! Europe accounts for dozens of companies designing innovative and creative smartphones, tablets and connected devices.

As part of the Mobile World Congress 2017, and for the first time, Google has decided to promote local partners and give them an award, as recognition of this great work.

Wiko is one of the 9 companies to receive the Google Android Award during the MWC 2017.

Android is a growth engine for European companies and Google is happy to support its partners to innovate, grow and create jobs.

Subsequently, Google has contributed to Wiko’s success.

This extends to Wiko’s innovations, development and creation of jobs in France, Europe and all over the world.

At the moment, Wiko is continuing to evolve with 500 employees in more than 30 countries, among them are 220 employees in France where products are envisaged and conceived.

The Design and Product Development Teams are based in the internal studio at the convivial French Head Office.

They develop intuitive and userfriendly devices.

In line with its digital DNA and creative nature, Wiko is a member of French Tech, a government organisation which promotes innovation and digital creation.

Wiko is extremely proud to receive this award from its partner, Google.

It rewards numerous years of effort and collaboration between the 2 companies to always make smartphones more accessible to the largest number of consumers.