Wiko Is Now European Top 5 Smartphone Brand!


Wiko Is Now European Top 5 Smartphone Brand!

Created 5 years ago in Marseille, France, the dynamic French smartphone brand, Wiko, has just taken a major step forward: entering the TOP 5 in Western Europe(1). Having reached #2 in France in 3 years, and currently #2 in Portugal, #4 in Italy as well as #5 in Spain and Belgium(2), it is now facing giant actors in the smartphone industry.

Who could have said 5 years ago that this French start-up brand could conceivably aspire to enter the TOP 5 worldwide before 2020?

“Naturally we are very proud of crossing this line in Europe”, says Laurent Dahan, Chairman-Founder of Wiko. “This success is the consequence of the mobilisation of all of our worldwide teams – sales, mar-
keting, design, R&D, logistics… and a result of our consumer-centric approach, emphasising proximity through direct communications, which enables us to be closer to our users”.

Wiko’s product strategy is centred around on-trend features, offering the right functionality at the right price with attractive, colourful designs. With its 500 employees around the world, it has succeeded in pene-
trating 30 countries with a clever distribution strategy, rule breaking marketing activations and innovative concept devices, for example, Highway Pure, one of the slimmest smartphones in the world; Fever, the first glow-in-the dark smartphone; or the latest addition, Ufeel, the first 5 fingerprint sensor smartphone under 200 EUR. Nevertheless, with a complete portfolio ranging from 59 EUR to just over 300 EUR, Wiko devices are tailored to all sorts of consumer usages. This accounts for the popularity of the 3 generations of Lenny, or that of previous offerings like Rainbow or Sunset, which have been among the bestsellers in the market.

“Following our success in the open market, it is certain that our entrance into the carrier market and our product releases, including our very first wearable device, are huge opportunities for us to cement our presence in these markets and continue our international expansion”, says Laurent Dahan.

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