WiFi Optimiser Tool By TM R&D to resolve your slow Wifi

WiFi Optimiser Tool By TM R&D to resolve your slow Wifi

One of the most irritating problem we face in this new era probably slow internet connection. Now TM R&D release a new app in google store to solve your slow, weak and poor WiFi Connection.

This app is capable of using just 30 seconds to help you optimize your home WiFi tool application! For now the app is only available on the Google Play Store! iOS users will have to wait.

This app is specially build for Unifi and Streamyx users. Before using it, users need to make sure that the smartphone or tablet installed with this app is connected to the WiFi network.

Once connected, users can review and analyze the performance of their WiFi connection at home. Next, the app will show a concise and provide a suggestion that the host and the channel change or otherwise make your WiFi performance better than ever.

Users can easily change the WiFi channel directly from the results page. These results are derived from the revision of the use of the WiFi environment of the neighborhood, and suggest you connect to a less-busy channels by users around you.

You will be able to view various info about your network through this app, including how many devices connect to your WiFi network, network strength, and etc.

For those of you who are using Streamyx or UniFi network at home or office, you can check and optimize your WiFi network today through this app.

Google Play Store – Wifi Optimizition Tool