Webe Home Broadband now offered with 10GB for RM 59: Shareable up to 10 Devices!


Webe Home Broadband now offered with 10GB for RM 59: Shareable up to 10 Devices!

Webe, Telekom Malaysia’s subsidiary company introduced unlimited broadband services for our market at a subscription fee of RM79 per month.

Now, they also unveiled a new package called Webe Home Broadband. This new Webe plan allows users to share data with up to 10 devices.

Webe Home Broadband offers 10GB of data per month, which can be shared with other devices. However, in contrast to ordinary Webe can use the 3G network and also support the call for Webe Home Broadband. This means, indirectly Webe Home Broadband service will replace P1 before, and can be used at any location that has network Webe LTE only.

According Webe, once the 10GB data had been fully utilized, the internet speed will be throttled to 128kbps only.

Webe Home Broadband is offered at a subscription price of RM59 per month and during this introductory promotion, Webe will be offering complimentary 20GB of extra data for free until February 28, 2017.