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INTRODUCTION – vivo X5 Pro Review

With Hi-Fi and Smart genetic of vivo, vivo has built up its existence of producing smartphone of fun, energy and innovative technology, especially in audio quality (Hi-Fi), design, and camera with featured functions. And this already grabbed a lot of gratifying attention in the industry, and also from the young consumers.

Lately, vivo has introduced a brand new smartphone for the X series which is always known to be presented with ultimate Hi-Fi and Appearance and Slimness. This new smartphone is the vivo X5 Pro which is actually an upgraded version of X5. The difference of the X5 and X5 Pro is very little, in which their display, front camera, and battery capacity. The X5 Pro has been upgraded its display from 5-in HD IPS display to 5.2-in FHD Super AMOLED display; its front camera from 5MP to 8MP; its battery capacity from 2250 mAh to 2450 mAh.

Let’s us now take a look at the vivo X5 Pro review to check out whether the upgrade is valueable, and also how good X5 Pro has turned into.


vivo X5 Pro looks so alike to the fruit’s smartphone when you unintentionally look at it. When you really look at it, you feel it different. It seems simply beautiful in more details on its design. And of course, it looks premium overall.


The X5 Pro has a very very thin profile that only has 6.44mm. This is really amazing.

IMG_20150714_165928 IMG_20150714_165938 IMG_20150714_170115

X5 Pro body is surrounded by a beautiful curvy metallic frame with shiny edges (chamfer). As in the official claim, the metal framework is built through an anodizing process, featuring micro-honeycomb structures that capture more vibrant color coatings and generate more awe-inspiring textures. Seriously, it looks similar but when you touch it, you feel it different. The touch on it feels better and tougher as in better protection from scratches.

It is covered by 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass on its both sides. According to the official information, the glasses are known to be having Nano Crystal Coating. The touch on the glasses are different from the other smartphone’s one. It is not too smooth and slippery, and surprisingly does not keep fingerprints and oily marks at all. I believe that the Nano Crystal Coating on the glass helps this common issue on the phones, especially those with glasses on both sides.


The X5 Pro seems to be having a plastic unibody which covered by glasses on both front and back and surrounded by a metallic frame. You still find a thin plastic slightly popping out in between the frame and the glass. Maybe you find it would be slightly hooked on you hand but it is not an issue at all.


In overall, x5 Pro design and build quality are superb. The metal frame is well crafted. The glasses are even Nano Crystal Coated which improves the visual and touch on it. The buttons are fitting good on the body (no loose) and the feedback of pressing the button is sturdy enough. I barely can say that X5 Pro is a fine crafted art piece that allows vivo to show off its craftsmanship.


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