UniFi Lite leak confirmed to cost RM149/month !?

UniFi Lite leak confirmed to cost RM149/month?

TM finally offers their latest package, UniFi Lite.

According to the leaked information from the leaflet, this package which only costs RM149 monthly will be delivering up to 10Mbps of download speed and 5Mbps upload speed.

For this package, user can enjoy live TV and latest blockbusters anywhere (Hypp Tv Everywhere) and 600 minutes voice calls for free (Voice STD 20 for national calls).

However, the UniFi Lite sign-up is required for a 24 months period contract. However, we still don’t have any detailed information about the coverage area, it might be covering the Streamyx coverage area too.

Since the package are set up at home, TM also released an entry-level UniFi plan for business,UniFi Biz Plan Lite at RM199 monthly.