Uber Offering RM0.99 Rides In Klang Valley!


Uber Offering RM0.99 Rides In Klang Valley!

Good news for those Uber customers in Klang Valley!

Seemingly, Uber Malaysia is offering flat- fare rides at just RM0.99, which is extremely low price! The RM0.99 rides only apply to short trips (under 4km) in Klang Valley. Delightfully, no promo code is needed to get this benefit.


It is important to take note that this RM0.99 promotion also applies during peak hours, but the fare will revert to the usual time + distance calculation if there is unexpected heavy or standstill traffic.

Should you make multiple stops or the trip destination is changed, unfortunately this RM0.99 will not apply. For those who are paying by cash, the fare will be rounded up to RM1.

The offer runs for two weeks, from today until 26 February 2017.