Two Apple iPhone 6 Plus Exploded Within A Week!


Two Apple iPhone 6 Plus Exploded Within A Week!

After a few explode cases occurred on new replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently, there are two Apple iPhone 6 Plus explode case being reported within one week period.

One iPhone 6 Plus was exploded while charging in a Fresno, California, while another happened inside the pocket of a student at Rowan College at Burlington County in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.


The student in the second case was Darin Hlavaty, who was the center of attention in his physical science class on October 1. After a fizzing sound, then a pop, smoke started pouring out of his back pocket, burning a hole through it. Hlavaty wasn’t seriously hurt as he got the iPhone 6 Plus away from him. The fire was put out and class was moved to another room.

“The only thing that was wrong with it was a simple crack, but I don’t see a simple crack causing it to blow up in my pocket,” Hlavaty said.

Besides, on Thursday the company has also had to deal with Yvette Estrada. She woke up to a wee hours’ sizzle and pop before her charging phone burst into flames. Her husband put the phone in a sink and told her to call the fire department. The fire had damaged a dresser, a pair of glasses and two Apple Watch stands.

Estrada said that Apple has offered her a new Watch stand, a charger and a replacement for the iPhone 6 Plus. They also offered an upgrade to an iPhone 7, but she would have to pay for it. While, Hlavaty had his iPhone 6 Plus for six months. Estrada had hers for three months.

Apple do not comment anything about this two cases and we have yet to heard whether did Apple communicate with those victims or not.