TM to DOUBLE UP broadband speed for their subscribers


TM to DOUBLE UP broadband speed for their subscribers

In the presentation of the national budget 2017 last Friday, the Prime Minister touched on the fall in prices of internet services in Malaysia by 2018. More detailed information on this new package is not known at this time.

Today, TM finally share some information about Internet speed and price adjustment on both of their streamyx and unifi package.


Some customers may see their subscriptions instead changed to the next lowest plan. Executive Vice President of Consumer & SME, Imri Mokhtar explained that those on VIP10 subscriptions may instead see themselves on the Advance Plan 30 instead. At the moment, it looks like TM is trying to move people to the next closest subscription plan if it is possible.

Beginning of January 2017, all Unifi and Streamyx customers will receive the upgrade to a faster plan to double the speed of the current plan.

Unifi subscribers Advance Plan 30 will be upgraded to Plan Advance 50 at current prices. Advance Plan 50 plan subscribers will be upgraded to Pro Plan 100. As can be seen, not all customers will receive upgrades of speed doubled.


Before the upgrading is done, TM will first obtain the consent of the customer. Upgrading to a faster package depends on the existence of the package as well as the ability of the infrastructure they inhabit.

TM will share more information on the package subscribed customers in upcoming December.