Smart hairbrush that know your hair better than you


Smart hairbrush that know your hair better than you

You might ask, do we really need a smart hairbrush in our daily life? The answer is YES by Kerastase and Withings.

L’Oreal has unveiled a smart hairbrush in Consumer Electronics Conference 2017. According to the manufacturer, this comb can detect the user’s hair and a variety of hair style effect. Kérastase Hairbrush used the technology from Nokia’s Withings, with a microphone on the top. accelerator, gyroscope and the sensor.

When connected to app, the comb lets the user know how often they comb their hair and warns the user when the comb strength is too high.

The comb will also measure the overall quality of the hair, give the daily hair fracture score, and in accordance with the user’s hair and hair habits to provide recommendations.

The comb will be priced at $189 (roughly RM843). For all the ladies out there, are you willing to fork out over RM800 of cash for a smart comb?