Samsung says that Chinese brands are still playing catch up

Photo: Samsung

Samsung says that Chinese brands are still playing catch up

Samsung Electronics President of Mobile Communications, Gao Dongzhen, recently acknowledged that the Chinese mobile phone brands are doing incredibly well not only in China, but globally as well.

Chinese brands such as Huawei, OPPO and Vivo are hot on the heels of Samsung and he said that in order for Samsung to retain it’s lead, it should remain steadfast on it’s own roadmap rather than focusing on following the footsteps of it’s competitors.

Gao stressed that the work that goes into Samsung’s cutting edge technology is a result of years of hard work, and not an overnight miracle. He shared that the development of the software for Galaxy S8/S8+ began when Galaxy s5 was introduced. Samsung’s iris scanner took more than 4 years to complete it’s R&D and Samsung’s DeX took more than 3 years. Gao said that Samsung’s current roadmap includes hardware, software, services and other projects which are projected to be unveiled in the the year 2020.

YH Lee, Samsung’s Mobile Communications Division CEO, further added that Samsung has an advantage over the Chinese brands in the mobile phone market i.e. it’s Galaxy ecosystem which includes it’s mobile phones, GEar VR, GEar 360, Samsung’s DeX, Samsung Pay, Bixby etc. The ecosystem brings user experience, in terms of hardware and also services, to a whole new level and further enhances the strength of it’s Galaxy brand.