Samsung to offer Galaxy S8 in Violet color?

s8 colorSamsung to offer Galaxy S8 in Violet color?

We have learned that Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S8 in the near future, and this time around there would be three different variants — the “regular” Galaxy S8, a Galaxy S8 edge, and Galaxy S8 Plus.

The Galaxy S8 Plus is said to be offering a massive 6-inch display with minimal bezels around it.

Case and accessory seller MobileFun has received he full lineup of Samsung’s official cases for the upcoming S8 devices.

At the moment, there are only two Galaxy models listed — Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. It revealed that the S8 Plus will have a curved display.

As for the color choices, the colors listed there are Black, Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue, and Violet. If the source is genuine, we are going to expect a new color for the upcoming Galaxy S8 series which is the violet model!