Do your Samsung Galaxy S8 reboot on its own?

Do your Samsung Galaxy S8 reboot on its own?

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s reddish display tint issue haven’t solved and here comes another issue for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users. We are hearing from some S8/S8+ users stating that the mobile are facing random restart without any reason.

Few users reported their displeasure over the matter on Samsung’s official community page in the UK. However, Samsung have not officially admitted the existence of this problem yet.

For the time being, there is a temporary fix for this issue- remove the microSD card. This is because some people deduced that the phone will be reboot itself several times a day is caused by the microSD card.

Besides, others think that it might be a bug in the lock or Always-On Display screen and possibly the power save feature as well.

Yes, the causes have not been figured out yet and we do not know when Samsung is going to push an update to fix the problem. Hopefully, the company will have more information regarding this issue in the near future.