Samsung Collaborate with Microsoft to Make Tizen Better!


Samsung Collaborate with Microsoft to Make Tizen Better!

Samsung today has announced that they will collaborate with Microsoft to make the Tizen better as the source of the operating system.

Samsung recently is slowly expanding the Tizen portfolio that mainly focus on smartwatches and smart TVs  but when the open source OS gives the company more freedom and autonomy compared to Android , the major drawback here is that Tizen just doesn’t have enough apps.

Besides, Samsung is really convinced that Tizen has the potential to grow. The company has announced today that it would be collaborating with Microsoft on “open source projects, such as .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms” in order to facilitate .NET support for Tizen. .NET is a Microsoft-developed framework that helps developers create apps more easily.

Moreover, Samsung also will release open source codes for Tizen RT, which is currently used in its smart fridges and AC units. According to the company, there are over 50 million devices powered by Tizen right now, and it’s only set to grow further.

If the Tizen can achieve success and become better, will you consider to use it?

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