Promising Desktop Version Of Android : Remix OS Discontinued

Promising Desktop Version Of Android : Remix OS Discontinued

Jide Technology announced that Remix OS will be discontinued for the consumer space. For those not may not heard of Remix OS, the OS is a once-promising Android-based desktop operating system.

Basically Jibe bring Android to PC by introduction of Remix OS. Remix OS immerse as one of the most handy Android operating system that base on Ubuntu. Its potential grew mainly from the platform’s PC-centric design approach, whereas others tried (and failed) to bring Android to the desktop by embracing a more tablet-optimized version of Android.

The portability of Remix OS bring handy to user especially you can store your android system on USB drive, and boot from USB drive to any PC in an instant

After facing stiff competition and challenges from Chrome OS, which Steals the thunder from Remix OS. Remix OS was developed by Jide, a small company that had to develop a popular platform on its own without Google’s support and promotion.

Jide Technology said ” We’d like to take this moment to thank our incredible community, who’ve joined us on this journey in the last three years to help us build Remix OS. We very much believe that the future of computing is with Android and we’re excited for the role Jide will play in this amazing ecosystem.”

The statement is translated into Jide decide to discontinue Remix OS for the consumer market, and instead focus on the more profitable enterprise market.