Prettyscale’s Am I Beautiful or Ugly – An online test not for the faint-hearted

Prettyscale’s Am I Beautiful or Ugly – An online test not for the faint-hearted

Another facial beauty analysis website has surfaced recently, to give viewers around the world a score of how attractive they are. The site, pointedly named “Am I pretty/beautiful or ugly?“, claims to be able to calculate and compare face measurements to the golden ratio.

Viewers upload a clear picture of themselves to the site and the system starts measuring the ratios and proportions of facial features – lengths from eye to eye, nose, the width of cheeks, the size of the mouth and the overall length and width of the face. A score of 1 to 100 will then be given. The site states that the score is based on “complex mathematical calculations” and went further to include a disclaimer that they could be incorrect.

The system also evaluates the pros and cons of your facial features. It’s list of what’s wrong with your face (face is too long, forehead is too wide, nose is too big, mouth is too small) can be demeaning and inspired from the Queen’s magic mirror in the story of Snow White, the site has earned the nickname a poison-tongued mirror.

True to it’s nickname, many found it difficult to get high scores. Voted by TC Candler (a professional film critic and creator of the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year) as one of the 100 most beautiful faces of 2016, Jourdan Dunn, a British supermodel, only managed to score 61 points. Chou Tzu-yu, a Taiwanese singer based in South Korea and a member of the K-pop girl group Twice, fared slightly better at 71 points but with the site’s comments being the forehead is too large for the size of the face and the chin and mouth are too small.

Although fun, Prettyscale‘s facial beauty analysis site is undoubtedly not for those with low self esteem or confidence issues.