Now you can catch Pokemon with Hotlink and Grab in Malaysia!!


Now you can catch Pokemon with Hotlink in Malaysia!!

Today, hotlink had sent invitation to all the media and journalist for a special preview tomorrow morning on 1st August 2016.

Based on the above image, we can clearly see “Grab x Hotlink x Pokemon “. Maybe this is the hint that Pokemon Go will be go live tomorrow with collaboration with Hotlink and Grab.


Apart from that, we also can see a image show that a Grab car has the sticker that about “Grab x Hotlink x Pokemon”.


Furthermore, it has a page link but unofficial mention that some of the lucky trainers will enjoy FREE PokeMobile rides to their nearest PokeStop on 2 August 2016 to 3 August 2016 from 10am to 7pm. Besides that, the first 20 trainers for the day also can enjoy USD 100 worth of PokeCoins.

Finally, we do not know it is true or not that Pokemon Go will go live tomorrow, but we have seen a Malaysia server at MMO server mean that Pokemon Go will come to Malaysia soon. Thus, stay tune with us to know more details.