No Merging for Android and Chrome OS!


No Merging for Android and Chrome OS!

Although this issue has been made public several occasions, but Google executives still reiterated that Chrome OS and Android will not merge.

Android, Chrome OS and Google Play senior vice president of Hiroshi Lockheimer in a podcast interview has mentioned ChromeOS and Android key difference is the implementation of the two.

Although Lockheimer did not explain too much, but basically the former is more like a computer to desktop, file management, mouse and keyboard, and then with the App, and Android is to touch App as the core.

This strategy is also similar to Apple. Despite having rumors that Apple intends to merge iOS and macOS, but Apple will not only introduce new operating systems such as watchOS and tvOS.

They will not integrate each operating system, but will strengthen the OS connection and interaction such as the introduction of a unified Apple File System next year. As for the reason, Apple’s idea is also similar to Google, is for each product to create the best hard and soft integration.

Hiroshi Lockheimer also talked about other new strategies, such as the first Google-designed mobile phone Pixel that it target is the iPhone, but also hope that Pixel can attract some of the iPhone users.

He also said that Google new launched hardware will not affect Samsung and other Android vendors, that is the reason why Google Pixel price is much higher than other smartphones.