MyPetrol: Compare fuel prices of petrol stations

MyPetrol: Compare fuel prices of the petrol station

The ceiling price for petrol in Malaysia will be announced weekly every Wednesday at 4pm starting from March 29, and the new price will be enforced on Thursday.

However, petrol station operators is allowed to give discounts on fuel, which means price for petrol in different petrol stations may differ.

A notice highlighting the ceiling price would be placed at all petrol stations throughout the country. However, the Government has given the fuel station a year of preparation as the cost of setting up this board is between RM80,000 and RM100,000.

So, you might still be worrying at paying more for petrol price, right? In fact, you can now download this MyPetrol App to compare the fuel price of petrol stations near you.

In conjunction with the Malaysian spirit of “I help you, you help me”, MyPetrol is here to help Malaysians combat increasing petrol price via crowd-sourcing!

Like the Waze APP, the information of the APP is needed to be share by app users.

For those who are interested on the MyPetrol app, here’s the download link at Google Play Store.