Music-Onz : FREE UNLIMITED Music streaming from U Mobile


Music-Onz : FREE UNLIMITED Music streaming from U Mobile

U Mobile has been offering Video-Onz free data for video streaming long ago, and now they’re expanding the service to music industry.

Today, U Mobile has introduced their latest music streaming service called Music-Onz. Music-Onz offers free data for streaming on some of the most popular music streaming services available in the market such as Joox, Spotify, KKbox and some of the local FM radios available online in Malaysia.


For current state, U Mobile has a total number of 12 partners and they promised to add more partners in the future. By using Music-Onz, you can listen to all your favourite music all day and night long without having to worry about your data consumption because there is no data limit for this service.


Just like Video-Onz, Music-Onz is available for free to all prepaid, Hero postpaid and broadband plan subscribers.

However, unlike Video-Onz that offers only a limited amount of free data for its cheaper plans, Music-Onz comes with free unlimited streaming data for all.

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