Microsoft’s Cortana will soon be accessible on Android Lockscreen


Microsoft’s Cortana will soon be accessible on Android Lockscreen

Digital Assistants have become the latest technology trend that most tech companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have been working on.

We are well aware that Apple’s Siri is among the most popular Digital Assistant out there, Microsoft’s Cortana however seems a bit on the down side considering the lack of users for Windows smartphones.

At the end of 2015, Microsoft brought its digital assistant to Android in hopes of expanding its user base.

Source said Microsoft is now working on allowing Android users to easier access Cortana on their devices. It will soon be accessible from the lock screen on your Android smartphones.

You’ll be able to launch Cortana and ask her to help you out with various tasks by just swiping either left or right.

Cortona’s functions consist of opening apps, setting alarms, browsing the web, making calls, sending emails, and more based on your voice commands etc.

We hope to see this new feature from Microsoft Cortana to be implemented to our Android devices soon as it will increase the productivity of our mobile devices.