Microsoft to end Nokia Mobile Division


Microsoft to end Nokia Mobile Division

Microsoft have finally decide that they have to cut down 1,850 workers when the company has announced a new streamlining of its phone business. The most of the workers are from Nokia’s Devices and Services division.

CEO Satya Nadela said that this is the last step for them to remove the Nokia brand from microsoft and the company will still continue working in smartphone space as well.

The executive vice president of the Windows and devices group Terry Myerson sent an email to his staff to explain what this news means for the company. According to Myerson, Microsoft will put down its efforts in phones and devices. He said that this does not mean that the company is completely leave the space.

Based on the news that microsoft announced, we can see that microsoft won’t completely abandon the development of mobile devices. Thus, nowadays windows phones are limited for those users to keep it because microsoft may abandon the development of mobile services.