Mi Mix 2 would feature AMOLED with large screen ratio ?

Mi Mix 2 would feature AMOLED with large screen ratio ?

Rumours claimed that the Mi Mix 2 will be even more compact for its screen size, featuring 93% of screen-to-body ratio, cited by MyDrivers.

We aren’t sure how Xiaomi will accomplish this feat of product design, but we can expect the bezels to be more anorexic on the Mi Mix 2.

It is said that the Mi Mix 2 will switch to AMOLED display tech, which will possibly replace the LCD display used on its predecessor. This would allow Xiaomi to add curved sides to the Mi Mix 2, smoothly removing the side bezels.

The top and bottom bezels are likely to be remained though, Xiaomi will purportedly use the bottom bezel to hold a fingerprint sensor. There might be a change over the rear-mounted sensor, the Mi Mix 2 would embed a sensor in the display, but that feature seems doubtable for now.

The ceramic construction of the device which drawn by well-known French industrial designer Philippe Starck will be retained. Also, the special speaker that’s embedded in the screen of the smartphone will be implemented.

The Mi Mix 2 is still at the early stage of the product development cycle – the device is most likely to be revealed at the end of the year. So please take these early rumours with a pinch of salt.

It seems logical for Xiaomi to tentatively remain the fascination it created with the original Mi Mix, not to forget Xiaomi has a habit of surprising us.