Mediatek Trial Flagship Chip: 7nm with 12-Cores ?!

Mediatek Trial Flagship Chip: 7nm with 12-Cores ?!

The 10nm chips used in the Snapdragon 835, Helio X30, Kirin 970, Apple A11 and Exynos 8895 devices are yet to release. Whilst the production of the 10nm chips are underway, Mediatek and TSMC intend to begin trial production of a new 7nm chip with 12 cores!

The 10nm Helio X30 is already a deca-core chip, yet Mediatek is trying out a dodeca-core on the 7nm chipset. No specific information on how the cores will be paired, but it will certainly be the first to feature 12 cores.

Other flagship processors like the Snapdragon 821 remain quad-core chips. However, MediaTek has its own justification on continuously developing more powerful processors.

Mediatek keeps increasing the number of cores on their flagship chips, as it is said to be a way to maintain balance between power efficiency and performance.

The trial production is scheduled to begin in the second half of the year and begin mass production in 2018. Samsung has also planned its own 7nm mass production to begin concurrently.

There are rumours that the Taiwanese foundry, TSMC, would schedule a 5nm trial production in 2019.

Right now, TSMC’s main target is to meet production schedules for its 10nm chip. Some have speculated that TSMC’s 10nm yield is one-tenth that of Samsung’s, and that’s the reason why Helio X30 chip will be arriving late.

However, TSMC and Mediatek have denied it, mentioning that the chip is already in mass production and will be available in Q2 2017.