MCMC Network Performance Report 2016 shows Maxis tops the ISP ranking in Malaysia


MCMC Network Performance Report 2016 shows Maxis tops the ISP ranking in Malaysia

MCMC has performed a nationwide network test for wired broadband services recently in between the period from January to November 2016.

The 11-month long test measures the performance of both copper (DSL) or fibre-based services that are offered by Maxis, Time, and Telekom Malaysia.


Here is the summary of the MCMC’s network test for wired broadband:


It is learned that under MCMC’s mandatory standards for Quality of Service on wired broadband, they must deliver at least 70% of the subscribed speed for DSL services or at least 90% for fibre services. All ISPs need to meet these level of network speeds for at least 90% of the time.

Additionally, the network latency on these services must not exceed 85ms for at least 95% of the time with maximum packet loss rate of 1%.

maxis mcmc network performance

The report showed that Maxis wired broadband services have better quality than Time and TM, being the only ISP that able to meet all the mandatory standards that were set by the agency.

MCMC also stated that more than half of TM DSL’s customers throughout Malaysia are probably experiencing poor download speed as opposed to Maxis DSL service which manage to meet MCMC’s mandatory standard for download throughput at 84.6% of the test locations.


Time recorded the fastest average download speed among the three ISPs at 66.963 Mbps as opposed to 10.159 Mbps by Maxis and 10.051 Mbps by TM.