Maxis to revamp MaxisONE Plan nationwide, new upgraded plans are coming soon!


Maxis to revamp MaxisONE Plan nationwide

Maxis CEO Morten and Head of Consumer Business Dushyan recorded a live video footage today on their Facebook page to answer the questions raised about their mobile plans that have been drawing a lot of attention in the social medias as of late.

In the video footage, Morten apologized on behalf of Maxis for being late in responding to their customers and treating individual customers differently.

Dushyan later on stated that there will be new upgraded plan introduced to their customers later this month, and current MaxisONE Plan users will automatically upgraded with higher internet data quotas.


For example: MaxisONE 98 will increase from 1GB data to 5GB data, MaxisONE 128 will increase from 3GB data to 8GB data and so on.

He also explained that this new upgraded plan will not only be given to new customers, but existing customers will enjoy the free upgrade as well.

In addition, MaxisONE Biz customers will also receive benefit in this upgrade period which will be unveiled later. Th new upgraded plan will only be available later this month, Maxis will be offering free 3GB data to all existing MaxisONE customers starting next week.

Here’s the live video as seen on Maxis Facebook page:

A message from Maxis CEO Morten to our customersThere have been many questions about our plans lately and we’d like you to hear from us. Join our CEO Morten and Head of Consumer Business Dushyan as they address some of your questions.

Posted by Maxis on Friday, April 8, 2016