Malaysia ranked 63rd in Download Speed

Malaysia ranked 63rd in Download Speed

Broadband speeds in Malaysia are better than many of its ASEAN neighbours, according to a new study. A test of broadband speeds across 189 countries has found that Malaysia ranks 63rd, far behind Thailand (29th) and miles behind table-topper Singapore.

With a mere download speed of 6.69Mbps, Malaysia has the third fastest internet speeds of all the ASEAN member states, behind only to Singapore and Thailand.

The study was carried out by M-Lab and ranked by, which took more than 63 million broadband speed tests.

Regionally, Singapore in 1st (55.13Mbps), Thailand in 29tb (16.85Mbps), Malaysia in 63rd (6.69Mbps), Vietnam in 74th (5.46Mbps), Indonesia in 75th (5.19Mbps), Cambodia in 98th (3.1Mbps) and Laos in 124th (1.94Mbps).

Somewhat surprising was that South Korea, which normally features highly in surveys about internet speeds was only ranked in 16th place.

Collin Anderson, an independent researcher at M-Lab, said: “The research demonstrates the value of network measurements and open data across countries to understand where countries rank against each other and to provide evidence that facilitates public learning about broadband development.”