LG to unveil V20S – A mini version V20?


LG to unveil V20S – A mini version V20?

Some time ago, LG introduced a smartphone V34 Jesse Beat, LG V20 variants with smaller screens. Unfortunately, the smartphone was only available for the Japanese market only. However, LG will present another variant of the V20, with a different name and smaller size.

The smartphone is to be present with the name LG V20S . This smartphone is called an “international version” of LG V34 Jesse Beat, with the same specs, but marketed outside of Japan. This means that the smartphone will carry a 5.2-inch QHD display with additional secondary screen, approximate 0.5-inch smaller than the LG V20.


When LG V20S is carrying the specs of LG V34 Jesse Beat, this means that the smartphone will be the premium compact smartphone of LG to the international market. LG V34 Jesse Beat itself comes with a Snapdragon SoC 820, 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage. The smartphone also carries IP-67 certification that indicates the resistance to water at certain depths. LG still equip smartphones with excellent features LG V20, including Quad DAC for better audio quality.


Unfortunately, LG has not confirm the truth of this news for current state. LG itself looks to have brought LG V20 to several countries. However, to reach a wider market, they might indeed be present variant of the LG V20 with a smaller screen size, especially for markets that do not prefer large screen smartphone, such as in Europe.